About Us

A full-service marketing agency dedicated to the two wheeled and bicycle market

Who are we

We are a full-service marketing agency filled with talented individuals who have the knowledge and experience across all marketing channels to deliver creative and results-driven marketing campaigns.

Our friendly team delivers results to get our clients noticed. Your campaigns are in safe hands with our team. Whether that is social media, full digital marketing mix, project management, marketing strategy, copywriting, graphic design, or even website design and management.

Who we work with

Bike Marketing was born after working with an existing client in the bicycle sector for Bacon Marketing.  It soon became clear there was a gap in the market to provide marketing support for the sector.

Whether you are an independent bricks-and-mortar retailer, an online commerce platform, manufacturer, or a small chain, we can provide marketing support to help your business blossom, whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-customer; we can provide services that shift your marketing into gear.

We don’t limit this to just bicycles; it is all things bike. If it has two wheels (or three), we can help you with your marketing. 

Our team

Philip Bacon

Philip Bacon - Managing Director

I have worked in marketing across the technology, education, manufacturing, FMCG, entertainment and professional services industries for over 20 years before deciding I wanted to branch out on my own at set up my marketing agency. At times it has been challenging, especially when I was on my own, but now I have my incredible team around me to help share the load. I have a passion for 2 wheels, watersports and a somewhat dad-like sense of humour.

Beth Dell

Beth Dell - Digital Marketing & Content Assistant

Hey, everyone! I am the Digital Marketing & Content Assistant. Previously working in education, after I had my daughter and felt I was ready to get back to work, I wanted a job that would be flexible and understand my needs as a parent when I found Phil!⁠ When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me watching a Disney film with my daughter or on a family dog walk with Coco the cockapoo! I also like going out on date nights with my husband, reading a good book or studying (I'm a bit of a learn-a-holic).

Vicky Trevithick

Vicky Trevithick - Administrator & Social Media Specialist

Hello! I’m Vicky. I live in Hampshire with my husband, 2 kids and a dog! Having studied music, worked in education, retail, founded 2 businesses and juggled family life, I needed to readdress the balance with more working from home hours! When I’m not working or ferrying kids around, you’ll find me walking Coco, sat at the sewing machine making my children clothes or listening to some true crime or comedy podcasts.

April Ely

April Ely - Digital Marketing Executive

My background before Bacon & Bike Marketing was mainly TV and film, working with companies including Sky and the BBC. In my free time, I am a voluntary Explorer Scout Leader. Running activities and events for scouts aged 14-18. I also love going to Comic Cons and Film Cons, often cosplaying and meeting some of my favourite celebrities. When I'm not at scouts or conventions, I am usually hanging out with my dog Koba. When I am working, he usually sits under my desk with his head on my feet, unless I am out on a shoot with clients.

Gareth Cleland

Gareth Cleland - Campaign Marketing Manager

I'm Gareth (or Gaz), a marketer with 10 years of experience; who's worked across several sectors that include the sports and leisure, education and trade associations; before marketing, I was working in the hospitality industry, having previously worked for brands such as Gatecrasher as a club manager, I've also been a DJ, cocktail barman and trainer and general dog's body.

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