Electric Bikes: Hub Motor vs Mid-Drive Motors!

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Two wheels are increasing in popularity as a form of transport. You may be thinking of joining the cycling community, whether it is for fitness, leisure or commuting.  There are many options for consumers who are considering a bike; one of the options available is an electric bike.   You may be considering an electric bike and deciding […]

Which E-Bike: Front and Rear Hub Motor?

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Even though the pandemic has harmed much of the British economy, the cycling sector blossomed. Sales grew by 45% from the previous ten years, contributing £1billion to the industry. Part of this upturn in sales has been attributed to the purchase of e-bikes. According to The Bicycle Association, a released report predicts that this cycling […]

Keeping your eBike Running Smoothly in the Summer

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It’s finally British Summer Time, and that means weather that pretty much does what it wants. Luckily, we see some hot days spread throughout the season, which is perfect for those looking to get out on their e-bike and explore the city. But how do you keep your e-bike running smoothly during the summer?   Keep it charged!  Before […]

Why Choose an eBike?

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Here’s 7 reasons why you should choose an eBike:  The old ways of getting around are numbered. Between the damage to the environment, lost time stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and more besides, it’s time to change.  We need a new method of movement for the 2020s (and beyond).  The electric bike.  Why?  Here are 7 reasons […]