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Keeping your eBike Running Smoothly in the Summer

It’s finally British Summer Time, and that means weather that pretty much does what it wants. Luckily, we see some hot days spread throughout the season, which is perfect for those looking to get out on their e-bike and explore the city. But how do you keep your e-bike running smoothly during the summer?  

Keep it charged! 

Before you head out to enjoy the sunshine on your e-bike, you want to make sure that it’s fully charged. You don’t want to be out of power halfway through a ride. Keeping your bike charged is also great to keep your battery working properly. 

Remember: scorching temperatures (+40 Degrees Celsius) can affect the battery, but Britain doesn’t tend to get too hot.  

Once fully charged, it’s always best to unplug and not leave the bike charging for longer than needed. This can cause the battery to drain faster and will waste electricity.  

Keep it clean, dry and check for damage 

It may seem simple enough but after a ride, give it a quick check to make sure no part of your bike was damaged when you were out. That way, when you are next out, you won’t get any nasty surprises. Check that the breaks are working, for example. Bike repair stands are ideal for giving your bike a quick once over after a long ride. 

Just be sure to give it a quick clean beforehand, so you don’t miss any bumps or scratches hiding under dirt or dust. Cleaning should be done with a brush and not a power wash to avoid damaging the electric part of your electric bike. 

Then turn everything off, fold up your bike and store it in a dry place to avoid corrosion. 

Keep tyre pressure maintained 

All electric bikes will have an ideal tyre pressure that is recommended to keep the tyres moving efficiently and keep you safe. Tyre pressure is important to keep a smooth ride, avoid punctures, improve braking, and keep the wheel’s structure. Cycling on underinflated tyres can lead to your wheels weakening and denting.  

Keeping your tyre pressure maintained is also better for the environment and more economical, as breaking and pedalling will be smoother and requires less strain on your bike to keep you going. That’s why it is always a good idea to keep a pump with you at all times (link to the minipump).  

Keep the chain lubricated 

For electric bike chains, you can use the same oil that you would use on any normal bike. Keeping your chain lubricated is essential for normal maintenance, as it keeps all the parts of your bike moving smoothly. This will also stop the chain from rusting and weakening. An oily chain will also make your ride much more comfortable.  

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