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Why Choose an eBike?

Here’s 7 reasons why you should choose an eBike: 

The old ways of getting around are numbered. Between the damage to the environment, lost time stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and more besides, it’s time to change. 

We need a new method of movement for the 2020s (and beyond). 

The electric bike. 


Here are 7 reasons why you should choose an eBike: 

1 The environment 

We can’t ignore the environmental impact of cars, buses, and even trains anymore.  

They’re all responsible for releasing huge amounts of pollution that cake our surroundings in grime and chokes the air we breathe. Electric bikes are a clean alternative to get you from A to B, guilt-free.  

Admittedly, you do have to charge the battery using mains power, most of which is generated with fossil fuels- for now. But most electric bike motors have a formidable range depending on the battery; a typical city eBike has between 50-60km.  

So, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can’t go wrong with an e-bike. 

2 Cost 

Getting around a city is expensive.  

Where cars are concerned, servicing, taxes, fuel and parking combined are extortionate. Public transport isn’t exactly cheap either. A £5 fare might not sound like a lot, but they add up quickly. 

Electric bikes, on the other hand, are incredibly economical. The running costs are negligible after you’ve made the initial purchase, so long as you keep your eBike in peak condition. If that sounds like an intimidating prospect, Many eBikes have dedicated technical teams to help you out. 

Buy an e-bike. Save money. Simple. 

3 Fitness 

Little bursts of physical activity goes a long way. 

You don’t have to get drenched in sweat and suffer through punishing workouts for improving your fitness. Simply getting out and about in the fresh air is great for the mind and body.  

Although an eBike packs an electric motor that does a lot of the hard work for you, you still have to peddle! However, the boost provided by the motor means you can relax and enjoy your ride so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and energised. 

Keep your heart happy and treat yourself to an eBike. 

4 Security 

Bike theft is on the rise. 

Loads of cycle lanes have sprung up since the first lockdown as we take bicycles in ever greater numbers. Whilst this is great for the environment and our health, it’s great for criminals too. 

Even the sturdiest lock is no protection against a practised bike thief with industrial-grade tools. That said, many eBikes beat the bike thieves because their foldable, portable design means you can take it indoors. Even the most committed bike thief is unlikely to try to steal it out from underneath your desk… 

Using a foldable eBike means that you can fold it up and take it away with you instead of locking it up in full view, reassuring you that your bike is safe. 

5 Portability 

Going away for the weekend? Take your bike with you. 

Many electric bikes have one key advantage over their conventional counterparts- you can fold them up and take them anywhere.  

If you’re off on a road trip, your electric bike will slip neatly into your boot. Or, if you’re taking the train, you can sit down and relax rather than perch awkwardly by the door. So wherever you can enjoy your e-bike wherever you are in the world. 

Many electric bikes fold down to about the size of a large briefcase and are relatively lightweight, so they can go wherever you do! 

6 Convenient 

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend waiting for public transport or stuck in traffic? 

The hours add up. If you sit back and take stock, it’s terrifying to think about how many we waste stuck in noisy, dirty vehicles.  

An electric bike gets you from door to door with no delay. An eBike can be unfolded and ready to go in just 10 seconds. You’ll never wait for a bus or drive around fruitlessly looking for a parking space again. Just jump on and go! 

Get moving without delay on your electric bike and make the most of every second. 

7 Fun! 

Above all, riding an electric bike is pure, simple fun. 

No matter your fitness level, getting out and about on an e-bike is an experience like no other. 

You’ll be able to maintain a decent pace effortlessly, take hills in your stride and breeze along, enjoying the sites and sounds of the city. 

Because your heart and lungs won’t be battling away to keep you moving, you’re free to relax and enjoy the journey. Many eBikes are robust and responsive, making navigating winding streets a joy, whether you’re a new cyclist or a seasoned veteran. 

Whether you’re commuting, off to see friends or just going out for a ride, eBikes will make it a journey to remember. 

Ready to enjoy your ride? 

The benefits are undeniable.  

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