Why Should You Use a Marketing Agency For Your Bike Shop?

As an owner of a bike shop, focusing on all aspects of the business is part of the job description, but it is easy to forget about marketing. You need to keep your customers satisfied, source and book stock for now and in to the future, employees happy, and ensure you are making a profit. So, when it comes to running a social media account, updating the website, or sending marketing emails, you may not have the time.  

That is why you should consider outsourcing. By using a marketing agency for your bike shop, you will:  


Have access to marketing experts

Have access to marketing experts who have the experience and skill to plan, launch and run campaigns. As well as monitor your marketing activities across all your desired platforms.   

Many marketers within an agency have different expertise, so you can guarantee that all grounds are covered. Most agencies have marketing strategist, copywriters, designers, social media experts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists, and web developers for your use.   

These marketers can take advantage of the skill gaps within your organisation and take on the extra workload from your staff. They can do the research, keep up with the trends and know what works. They know the right platform, message, and time to get your messages out to your desired audience.     


Access to tools and software. 

The world of marketing is forever evolving, and innovative technologies are being brought into the mix. For example, Tik Tok was only launched in 2016 and now has over 55 million users.  

To keep up with the competition, you do not just need to have access to the full range of tools and software but also know how to use them. Luckily, with a marketing agency, you have everything at your disposal without the costs and the need for training.  


Saves Time.

By removing the need for marketing from your business, you can focus your efforts on other important projects.   

As you have access to fully trained professionals, you are also saving time that may have been used on training your employees.   


Saves Money. 

We have already covered that you can save money on training and the £2,500 a year cost for tools and software, but what about the other costs?  

As an individual shop or franchise of bike stores, you do not have a whole marketing team. A small marketing department can cost a company up to £200,000 per year, and this is viable for most small businesses.   

This added cost may put you in a tricky position. Even if you need the new skillsets, you may not be able to afford the expense of adding a new employee. Outsourcing removes the cost of paying the extra wages.   


Inspiration and latest ideas. 

Bikes are not exactly an invention, so you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of potential competitors to try and shout over. You can try by pushing out messages, but these may be the same old content, constantly recycled or reused. Eventually, you can get stuck in a vicious cycle of unoriginal content.   

So, to get your voice heard, you need to say something unique, and that does not just mean discussing your USP’s (Unique Selling Point). By outsourcing, marketers can see what works and what does not and develop an effective and strategic marketing plan. They can help you break free from the endless loop of repetition and truly push your business marketing to its full potential.   


Manage relationships.

When marketing, you may decide to use several agencies. For example, some of our bike clients also outsource their photographers, models, and videographers.  

As part of our services, we collaborate with these other agencies to make the most of the resources available and create the best possible product for our clients.  

Marketing agencies can also manage relationships within the business. You may have a small sales team or a single individual responsible for sales. Marketing and sales go hand in hand, so a strong relationship between the two is key to success.  

Marketing agencies can optimise your marketing and help you generate more leads for your sales department. Therefore, a marketing agency can manage this relationship for you, keeping tabs with the sales team to harmonise all activities across both departments.   


Will work around your needs 

Will work around your needs, budgets, and the amount of work. Depending on the amount of marketing you need and the budget available, agencies can work around this.   

Many marketers have payment and service options from the essential side of marketing to full marketing management.   

You can check out our full-service options here.


Need a trusted marketing agency that specialises in marketing bikes and other two-wheel vehicles? We can help.   

We are a full-service marketing agency filled with talented marketing individuals who have the knowledge and experience across all marketing channels to deliver creative and results-driven marketing campaigns and brand awareness.  

Our friendly team delivers results to get our clients noticed. Your campaigns are in safe hands with our team. Whether that is social media, the full digital marketing mix, project management, marketing strategy, copywriting, graphic design, or even website design and management.  

You can get in contact to hear more about our agency here

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